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Table 2 Overview of objective 1

From: Evaluation of a surgical supervision model in three African countries—protocol for a prospective mixed-methods controlled pilot trial

  Indicators Data collection instruments Measurement
Preparedness - change in surgical capacity of DLH facilities Change in Personnel Infrastructure Procedures Equipment Supplies (PIPES) index scores PIPES questionnaire Measured at baseline with periodic follow-ups (month 0, month 12, month 24 of the intervention)
Capacity - change in skills of DLH staff Number of intervention DLH staff who are reported as competent in doing index procedures
Intervention DLH staff self-reported surgical skills confidence levels
PIPES questionnaire
Self-reported surgical confidence tool
Before-and-after controlled comparison
Productivity - increase in surgical outputs and outcomes Change in number of index surgical procedures performed by DLHs
Types and numbers of new procedures introduced into DLHs
Change in surgical mortality rates
PIPES questionnaire
Monthly data collection from DLHs operating theatre registers
Comparing differences:
(1) before and after and (2) between intervention and control hospitals