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Table 1 District hospitals selection criteria by country

From: Evaluation of a surgical supervision model in three African countries—protocol for a prospective mixed-methods controlled pilot trial

Country Intervention Control
Malawi All surgically active government-owned district hospitals in the Southern Region All surgically active hospitals in the Central and Northern Region will be considered for inclusion based on the inclusion/exclusion criteria
Zambia All surgically active district hospitals in the Southern Province All surgically active hospitals in Eastern, Western, Lusaka and Central Provinces that have similar scores on the PIPES tool to the scores in the intervention hospitals
Tanzania All hospitals located in Arusha and Kilimanjaro region of the Northern Zone within a radius of 200 km from KCMC will be considered for the intervention group (similar distance to DLHs that is the furthest in Malawi and Zambia) Suitable hospitals will be selected based on PIPES score from facilities located in Manyara, Tanga and Singida regions