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Table 2 Order of measures and estimated duration of data collection for each time pointa

From: The development and feasibility of a randomised family-based physical activity promotion intervention: the Families Reporting Every Step to Health (FRESH) study

Measure Duration
1. Anthropometric measures (height, weight, waist circumference) 5 min/person
2. Questionnairesb 20 min/family
3. Blood pressure 10 min/person
4. Step test (aerobic fitness) Prep: 5 min/person
Test: 8 min/family
5. Accelerometer and GPS explanation 5 min/family
6. Fictional family holiday (family functioning) 10 min/family
Total length of measurements Minimum of 73 min
Total length of visit (including consent process) Minimum of 88 min
  1. aEstimate based on a three-person household, total time increases by ~ 30 min per additional family member. bQuestionnaires completed during data collection included: a child or parent questionnaire (per person), a family out-of-pocket physical activity expenditure questionnaire (per family), and a child or adult process evaluation questionnaire (per person; follow-up only)