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Table 4 Programme observation and facilitator feedback, resulting programme refinements

From: A cluster-randomised feasibility trial of a children’s weight management programme: the Child weigHt mANaGement for Ethnically diverse communities (CHANGE) study

Programme session Issue identified Changes made/actions taken
Week 2—healthy eating Visual aids used in the standard programme that had deliberately not been included in the adapted programme were used by facilitators Researchers rehearsed the week 2 session plan with the facilitators and reminded them not to use the visual aids from the standard programme
Too much material to deliver within 90 min The number of activities in the session was reduced to ensure the key nutrition messages were delivered
Some of the nutrition messages were not clearly delivered and participants appeared to be confused on occasions Content was streamlined to ensure more focus on the core nutrition and healthy living messages. Additional notes on key nutritional concepts were included in the facilitator’s manual
Week 4—physical activity Delivery of this session did not require 90 min Facilitators were encouraged to reiterate nutrition messages in this session
Week 5—give it a go Challenging to deliver with only one facilitator, especially with larger group sizes Extra facilitator provided for this session. A plan for setting up the materials in advance of the session was developed. Participant worksheets were simplified to enable more families to work through them with less facilitator input
The ‘make a healthy snack’ activity was too messy The number of healthy snack making options was reduced from four to two, retaining the least messy options
The recipe planning activity did not work well Recipe planning was removed from the session and the group provided with recipes to take home to try
Week 6—review and celebrate Facilitators felt uncomfortable awarding particular participants the ‘star achiever’ certificate All children received a completion certificate and the ‘star achiever’ certificate was removed
All sessions Weekly goal setting and review elements were sometimes missed or rushed and not covered adequately. Participants often arrived late, interrupting the flow of the session Week 2 was streamlined to allow more time for review and setting of goals. The importance of goal setting and review as a key behaviour change technique was explained to the facilitators and further highlighted in the manual