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Table 2 Registration data to be collected by SystmONE

From: Research protocol: general practice organ donation intervention—a feasibility study (GPOD)

Variable Response format
Registration type SystmONE/Paper
Date of consultation Dd/mm/yy
Patient age Years
Patient ethnicity ONS categories
Patient gender Male or female
Patient asked Yes/no
Reason patient not asked Not appropriate/time/clinician personal beliefs/other (free text)
Patient joined NHS ODR Yes/no/patient believes already on register
Organs selected All/kidneys/heart/liver/corneas/lungs/pancreas
If no, which response Unsure/do not ask again
Patient believes already on register. Re-register Yes/no
Organs selected All/kidneys/heart/liver/corneas/lungs/pancreas
Staff group Doctor/Nurse/Healthcare Assistant