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Table 2 Focus group and interview schedules

From: Women’s experiences of medical treatment for endometriosis and its impact on PRE-EMPT trial participation: a qualitative study

1. Past medical treatment experiences
 • Tell me about the types of medical treatments you have tried
 • Prompts: Why did you try [names of treatments]? Who influenced your decision? What were your expectations?
 • Tell me about your experiences of …. [names of treatments]
 • Prompts: Effectiveness/ineffectiveness of treatment? How long effective for? Side effects?
2. Views on medical treatments offered in PRE-EMPT
After undergoing surgery, there are four possible treatments—how do you feel about:
 • ‘The pill’
 • ‘The coil’
 • ‘Depo Provera’
 • No treatment
 • [For each treatment above] Prompt: (Un)Acceptable? Why? Past experiences? Future hopes? Do you think the treatment would be more effective post-surgery?
 • Were there any treatments that you would not accept? Which? Why?
3. Views on medical trials [General]
 • What do you think about medical trials?
 • What do you think about randomisation?
 • Prompts: Understandings of randomisation/how treatment is allocated. Randomisation acceptable to you? Is the possibility of not getting treatment acceptable?
4. Views on participation in PRE-EMPT trial
 • What do you think about the PRE-EMPT trial?
 • Prompts: Hopes for the trial? Concerns about the trial?
 • Why did you take part in the PRE-EMPT trial?
 • Prompts: What did you hope to gain from participating? What were your concerns about participating?
 • What would be a barrier to you participating?
 • Prompts: Personal factors? Time/travel costs? Trial factor? Concerns about treatment availability/randomisation?
 • Did you have a preference for which arm you would be randomised to? Why? Why not?
 • Is this a worthy trial? Why? Why not?
 • How do you feel about the length of the trial (3 years)?
5. Concluding questions
 • Is there anything we did not discuss that you would like to talk about?
 • Do you have any questions for me?