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Table 6 Activity recorded per group in comparison to baseline

From: Evaluation of a smartwatch-based intervention providing feedback of daily activity within a research-naive stroke ward: a pilot randomised controlled trial

  Collected data daysa Number of days that activity exceeded baseline Rate of increased activity (%)b
Observation 328 (245) 207 63.1 (84.5)
Pilot RCT-feedback 175 (176) 115 65.7 (65.3)
Pilot RCT-no feedback 152 (159) 87 57.2 (54.7)
  1. aExpected (actual). Expected day refers to the total number of weekdays from when a patient started the trial and when they left the trial. This is then summed over the group. Actual refers to the actual number of weekdays that data were collected
  2. bTotal number of days that activity levels exceeded baseline divided by total expected and actual (in brackets) days; multiplied by 100 to get percentage