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Table 3 Enhanced Care Instagram matrix

From: Feasibility and acceptability of technology-based caregiver engagement strategies delivered in a summertime childhood obesity prevention intervention: results from an internal pilot of the Camp NERF (Nutrition, Education, Recreation, and Fitness) study

Week Theme Media description Media caption
1 Welcome Image of blacktop chalk writing with “Camp NERF [School Name]” and children playing in the background Camp has officially begun! Ready to get our nutrition on #campNERF #summer2015 #nutritionrox
1 Physical activity Video of Camp NERF counselor dancing with campers Camp NERF [School Name] campers dancing with counselor Nikita #fun#friends #food
1 Healthy food Image of Camp NERF camper smiling and enjoying carrots and cucumbers along with red pepper hummus as a part of Taste Test Wednesday We love Taste Test Wednesday’s! Yesterday we tasted Roasted Red Pepper hummus with carrots and cucumbers. Participant from [School Name] loved it! #campNERF #fun #friends #food
2 Physical activity Image of Camp NERF counselor playing basketball and shooting over the head of a jumping camper It’s 9 am on Monday morning and our [School Name] campers are already moving! Camp NERF counselor playing basketball with camper Jordan. #summer #rocks#food #fun #friends
3 Physical activity Video of Camp NERF counselor hula hooping with campers Camp NERF counselor showing camper how he can HULA at [School Name] today! #GOplay #summer #rocks
3 Education/learning Image of 2 Camp NERF counselor reading with a camper Camp NERF counselors reading a book to camper Emanuel during free-time at [School Name] #fun #friends #food