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Table 1 Data collection 2 Content in fridge (sufficient, insufficient, empty)

From: A cluster randomised feasibility pilot trial evaluating involving community-dwelling older adults in activities in relation to meals in a rehabilitation program; recruitment, data collection and protocol

Measure Time of data collection
Baseline T = 0 In between T = 1 Follow-up T = 2
Quality of life by EQ-5D-3 L X X X
Height, meter X X X
Weight, kg X X X
BMI, (kg*kg/m2) X X X
Muscle strength - Chair stand1 X X X
Satisfaction with food-related life X X X
UCLA Loneliness Scale X   X
The Short Warwich-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale X   X
General Self Efficacy Scale X   X
Refrigerator content2 X   X
Sociodemographic X   
Meals-on-wheels (days/w) X   
  1. 1Rise from a chair without using the arms in 30 s
  2. 2Content in fridge (sufficient, insufficient, empty)