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Table 1 Schedule of events

From: Promoting Alcohol Reduction in Non-Treatment Seeking parents (PAReNTS): a protocol for a pilot feasibility cluster randomised controlled trial of alcohol screening and brief interventions to reduce parental alcohol use disorders in vulnerable families

Study period
Research phase Recruitment Baseline Session 1 Session 2 6-month follow-up 12-month follow-up
Informed consent X      
Demographics   X     
Eligibility assessment X X     
AUDIT (AUDIT-C as screening tool; remaining questions of 10-item tool administered at baseline) X      
Control group
Healthy lifestyle leaflet
Intervention 1
Brief alcohol advice plus healthy lifestyle leaflet
X   X    
Intervention 2
Extended alcohol intervention plus brief alcohol advice plus healthy lifestyle leaflet
X   X X   
AUDIT (10-item)   X    X X
Estimated spend per week on alcohol   X    X X
EQ-5D-5L   X    X X
FAD   X    X X
TLFB-30       X
APQ      X X
Use of health and social services      X X
Case allocation, legal and care status      X X
Qualitative interviews with participating practitioners      X Xa
  1. aQualitative interview participants will be interviewed on one occasion only at varying stages of the follow-up