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Table 1 Mothers’ responses to questions relating to the infant wearable band (each question allowed for multiple responses)

From: Development and feasibility of a wearable infant wrist band for the objective measurement of physical activity using accelerometery

Choose the option(s) that best describes your response to the following questions:
Fabric %
 Comfortable 96
 Quick to dry 70
 Started to smell 1
 Other 10
Buttoning %
 Easy to close 95
 Secure and safe 44
 Worried the child would unbutton 35
 Do not mind 1
 Other 4
Baby’s reaction %
 No difference noticed 66
 Curious 61
 Ignored the band 15
 Tried to take the band off 34
 Quickly got used to the band 53
 Took a long time to get used to the band 9
 No reaction 18
 Other 13