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Table 2 Elements of RESHAPE intervention

From: Reducing stigma among healthcare providers to improve mental health services (RESHAPE): protocol for a pilot cluster randomized controlled trial of a stigma reduction intervention for training primary healthcare workers in Nepal

RESHAPE elements Description of element content Implementation of element
Engagement with service users Opportunities for socialization, participation in practice role plays, collaborative problem solving Included during multiple days of training
Testimonial from service users Three-part testimonials developed through PhotoVoice training using photographs and personal stories to describe life before treatment, the experience of treatment, and life after treatment Testimonials provided separately for target disorders: depression, psychosis, alcohol use disorder, and epilepsy
Testimonials from aspirational figures Three-part testimonials describing experiences and attitudes prior to mental health training, experiences of providing mental healthcare, and changes in attitude and behavior after starting delivery of mental health services One or two testimonials from health workers who previously participated in PRIME training and mental health service delivery
Myth busting Eight common myths: mental illness cannot be treated; only some people can get mental illness; mental illnesses are contagious; mental illness can only be treated with shots and pills; giving advice is the same thing as doing psychological counseling; all people with mental illness are violent; if you ask someone about suicide, that increases the risk they will kill him/herself; caring for people with mental illness makes you mentally ill Delivered in one session by one aspirational primary care worker
Didactic session on stigma and discrimination Definitions of stigma and discrimination; reasons for stigma and discrimination; addressing different causes of discrimination: peril stigma, occupational stigma, and social stigma Delivered in one session by a trained facilitator working for the PRIME implementation NGO (TPO Nepal)