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Table 1 Clinical assessment tools (CGA team on the intervention ward)

From: Comprehensive geriatric assessment pilot of a randomized control study in a Swedish acute hospital: a feasibility study

Domain Clinically assessed Profession
Functional ability: person’s ability to execute tasks that are essential for living ADL status OT
Balance and mobility PT
Risk of fall PT
Physical health: comprehensive medical and polypharmacy history, fall risk, pain, nutrition, decubitus ulcer, elimination, and oral hygiene Illness rating Physician
Medication review Physician
Risk assessment Nurse/NA
Risk for fall Nurse/NA
Nutrition Nurse/nutritionist
Decubitus Nurse/NA
Psychological state: screen for depression, cognition, and delirium Risk assessment Nurse/NA
Depression (p.r.n.) Physician
Cognition (p.r.n.) OT
Delirium (p.r.n.) Physician/OT
Social environment: needs and support Social needs and support network Nurse/social worker
  1. OT occupational therapy, PT physical therapy, CGA comprehensive geriatric assessment, NA nurse assistant, p.r.n. pro re nata