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Table 1 Data collection schedule for participants

From: Developing Substance Use Programming for Person-Oriented Recovery and Treatment (SUPPORT): protocol for a pilot randomized controlled trial

Data collection method Measures Enrollment 6 months 12 months 15 months
Structured interview (CAPI) Recovery-related outcomes All participants All participants All participants SUPPORT group only
Structured interview Social networks All participants All participants All participants SUPPORT group only
Recidivism and administrative data pulls Public records All participants All participants All participants All participants
Focus groups Qualitative data n/a n/a n/a SUPPORT group only
  1. Research assistants will screen clients, consent them, assign them to SUPPORT or comparison groups, and collect data using a computer-assisted personal interview at baseline and 6 and 12 months to understand the change in outcomes over time. Research assistants will also conduct an interview at 15 months with clients assigned to the SUPPORT group to understand retention of treatment effects 3 months post-discharge. Researchers will conduct structured social network interviews within 1 week of the client’s entrance in the study and at 12 months. We will conduct focus groups with SUPPORT clients after their 15-month interview. We will conduct between five and eight focus groups with five to ten participants each. We will attempt to recruit all SUPPORT clients for focus groups. We will collect publically available data on recidivism from two websites operated by the Indiana Department of Corrections and the Marion County Jail using subjects’ name and date of birth and work with PACE administrators to identify and collect any service data not collected in the interview system and link it with data system