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Table 1 Overview of the selected activity trackers with specific characteristics regarding manufacturer, type of tracker, wearing position, and outcome variables

From: Validity, reliability and feasibility of commercially available activity trackers in physical therapy for people with a chronic disease: a study protocol of a mixed methods research

Activity tracker Manufacturer Type Wearing position Outcome variables
Accupedo Step Counter Corusen LLC App Belt A
Activ8 Remedy Ltd Accelerometer Trouser pocket A, B, C
Digi-Walker CW-700 Yamax Coorporation Pedometer Belt A, C
Flex Fitbit Inc. Accelerometer Wrist A, C
Lumo Back Lumo BodyTech, Inc. Accelerometer Lower back A, C, D
Moves ProtoGeo App Trouser pocket A, C
One Fitbit Inc. Accelerometer Belt A, C
UP24 Jawbone Accelerometer Wrist A, C
Walking Style X Omron Healthcare Europe B.V. Accelerometer Belt A, C
  1. A number of steps, B time spent lying, sitting, standing, walking, running, and cycling, C active minutes, D number of sit to stand transitions