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Table 6 Non serious adverse events listed in order of increasing severity

From: Pilot parallel randomised controlled trial of protective socks against usual care to reduce skin tears in high risk people: ‘STOPCUTS’

Summary Severity Related to socks? Resolution
Rubbing and red marking on tips of big toes Mild Possibly Recovered
Itching and discomfort of lower legs and feet Mild Probably Recovered
Unconfirmed fungal infection of heel Mild Possibly Recovered
Dry, excoriated skin Mild Possibly Recovered
Lower leg discomfort Mild Definitely Recovered
Lower leg discomfort Mild Definitely Recovered
Itchy leg, particularly at top of sock area Mild Probably Recovered
Worsening of pre-existing rash Mild Possibly N/K
Pain, discomfort and swelling Moderate Probably Recovered
Toe and foot discomfort Moderate Possibly Recovered
Itchy legs, blister on 3rd toe left foot Moderate Probably Recovered
Pain in left shoulder Moderate Possibly Recovered