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Table 1 Data collection and outcome measures

From: Balance Right in Multiple Sclerosis (BRiMS): a guided self-management programme to reduce falls and improve quality of life, balance and mobility in people with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis: a protocol for a feasibility randomised controlled trial

Outcome measure Baseline   15 weeks post-randomisation (±1 week) 27 weeks post-randomisation (±1 week)
Demographics and history x Randomisation to intervention or control   
Provide falls diaries x Returned by post every 2 weeks
EDSS x   
MSWS-12vs2.0 x x x
MSIS-29vs2.0 x x x
EQ-5D-5L x x x
Falls frequency x x x
Activity monitoring 1 week 1 week 1 week
2-minute walk test x x x
Mini-BEST x x x
Functional Reach Test x x x
Falls Efficacy Scale x x x
Community Participation Indicators x x x
Participant Resource Use questionnaire x x x
Adverse events   x x
Qualitative interviews    x