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Table 5 Project timeline

From: A study protocol of a three-group randomized feasibility trial of an online yoga intervention for mothers after stillbirth (The Mindful Health Study)

Item Year 1—months Year 2—months Year 3—months
1–2 3–4 5–6 7–8 9–10 11–12 13–14 15–16 17–18 19–20 21–22 23–24 25–26 27–28 29–30 31–32 33–34 35–36
Hire research personnel X X                 
Continue to engage non-for profit partnerships   X X X X X             
Finalize manual of procedures for all protocols   X X                
Finalize participant materials    X                
Finalize control group prescription     X               
Finalize Udaya yoga prescription     X               
Develop recruitment plans and materials     X X              
Train research staff on study rocedures      X              
Modifications to (i.e., fidelity tracking, filming control group sessions)    X X X              
Obtain IRB approval       X             
Recruitment and enrollment        X X X X         
Baseline data collection        X X X X X        
Post data collection         X X X X X       
Follow-up data collection          X X X X X      
Data analysis           X X X X X X X   
Manuscript preparation            X X X X X X X X
Grant preparation           X X X X X X X X X