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Table 4 Incentive schedule

From: A study protocol of a three-group randomized feasibility trial of an online yoga intervention for mothers after stillbirth (The Mindful Health Study)

Phase Time point Incentive
Phase 1—iterative design Completion of review of 9 yoga videos •Free 1 month membership to UDAYA
•$15/session (up to $135 gift card)b
Phase 1—interviews Completion of 15-min interview $15 gift cardb
Phase 2 Enrollment •Intervention groups: yoga mat, 2 blocks, and strap
•Control group: stretching mat and band
•12-week membership to UDAYAa
Baseline Survey: $10
Post-intervention Survey: $10
Interview: $15
Follow-up Survey: $25
Interview: $10
  1. aAll groups receive incentive
  2. bParticipant has choice of gift card from Amazon, Bath & Body Works, Starbucks, or Target