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Table 3 Summary of data collection

From: A study protocol of a three-group randomized feasibility trial of an online yoga intervention for mothers after stillbirth (The Mindful Health Study)

  Baseline 12 weeks 20 weeks
Demographics X   
Feasibility (acceptability, demand, practicality)
 Interviews   X X
 Satisfaction survey   X  
Demand tracking system X X  
 Daily log Daily   
Practicality tracking system X X  
 Satisfaction survey   X  
PTSD symptoms
 Impact of Event Scale-Revised X X X
Comorbid conditions
 State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (anxiety) X X X
 PHQ-9 Patient Health Questionnaire (depression) X X X
 Self-Compassion Scale X X X
Emotional regulation
 Emotional Regulation Questionnaire X X X
 Perinatal Grief Scale X X X
Sleep quality
 GENEActiv X X X
 Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index X X X
Physical activity
 GENEActiv X X X
 Past-week Modifiable Activity Questionnaire Weekly  
Daily log
 Yoga sessions Daily  
 Borg Rating of Perceived Exertion Scale Daily  
 Meditative Movement Inventory Daily  
Self-rated health
 Short-Form 12 Health Survey X X