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Table 2 Phase 2 eligibility criteria

From: A study protocol of a three-group randomized feasibility trial of an online yoga intervention for mothers after stillbirth (The Mindful Health Study)

 • Women who experienced stillbirth within past 6 weeks to 24 months
 • Clinical levels posttraumatic stress symptoms (score of ≥33 on IES)
 • ≥18 years of age
 • Residing in the USA
 • Able to read/understand/speak English
 • Underactive (≤120 min/week moderate-intensity physical activity)
 • Willing to be randomized
 • Regular internet access via mobile phone, desktop/laptop computer, tablet, and etc.
 • Answer “no” to all items on the PAR-Q (can participate safely)
 • Unstable psychiatric condition (psychosis; suicidal ideation with plan)
 • Pregnant at time of enrollmenta
 • Practicing yoga at least 60 min/week
 • Unwilling to be randomized to a group
 • Score of 20–27 of PHQ-9 (severe depression score)
 • At risk for suicide based on follow-up phone assessment by Dr. Cacciatore after positive screen (PHQ-9 score of 1, 2, or 3)
  1. aPregnant women will not be eligible for initial recruitment into the study. Women who become pregnant during the study will complete a PARmed-X for Pregnancy with their physician to identify any contraindications to yoga and will be able to continue participation