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Table 2 Thare Machi Education Basic Hygiene DVD

From: Educational intervention to reduce disease related to sub-optimal basic hygiene in Rwanda: initial evaluation and feasibility study

General format of TME DVDs:
The interactive DVDs produced by TME include a combination of information and questions, illustrated using relevant still or moving images. Questions based on the information given are used throughout the DVDs to reinforce messages; each question has a choice of two answers, one of which is selected by the person or group viewing the DVD. Where an incorrect answer is given, the message and question are repeated, and there is a ‘quiz’ at the end of the DVD to further reinforce the messages.
Summary of topics covered in the Basic Hygiene DVD:
 • Germs and how they may be spread
 • Cleanliness, including handwashing and importance of soap
 • Preventing infection from human and animal faeces
 • Importance of keeping babies and small children clean
 • Cleanliness when people are unwell
 • Safe drinking water, including purification
 • Food safety to prevent infection
 • Cleanliness within the home, including keeping bedding clean
 • Preventing the spread of germs through coughs and sneezes
Sample text from DVD script:
 If you are changing your baby’s nappy, make sure you wash your hands afterwards. If your baby or child does a poo near the house, clean it up immediately. Always wash your hands afterwards
What should you do after changing a baby’s nappy? Wash your hands, or start cooking?
If correct answer selected:
Well done! Always wash your hands after changing a baby’s nappy.
If incorrect answer selected:
 That was the wrong answer. Let’s go back and listen again.