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Table 3 Topic guide for participants’ experiences with the mindfulness course

From: Distant delivery of a mindfulness-based intervention for people with Parkinson’s disease: the study protocol of a randomised pilot trial

Questions Prompts
1. First of all, can you start by telling me what you were expecting from the mindfulness sessions? -What did you think the programme would be like?
-In what ways (if any) did you think it might help you?
2. How did you find the programme overall? -Tell me how you found your first session
-Tell me about the other sessions
-Tell me how you found the homework tasks
3. Can you tell me what you liked about the programme? -What was helpful? Why? How?
-Were there some sessions/some aspects that were more helpful than others?
4. Can you tell me what you disliked about the programme? -What was unhelpful? Why? How?
-Were there some sessions/some aspects that were less helpful than others?
5. Tell me about anything that you feel has changed from having done the programme? -Can you tell me what changed? (Anything different in your day-to-day life, the way you are dealing with PD?)
-Can you tell me how you came to notice things changing?
-Why/how do you think things changed?
6. Do you have anything else you would like to tell me about your experiences of this programme that have not already covered? -What would you feed back to the people who put together the programme?
-What advice would you give to people thinking about taking part in mindfulness-based programmes?
7. What do you think of the questionnaires used and the overall set-up of the study? -How did you find participating in a course over Skype?
-Any further comments regarding the questionnaires used?