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Table 1 Criteria to assess feasibility

From: Testing the feasibility of a knowledge translation intervention designed to improve chiropractic care for adults with neck pain disorders: study protocol for a pilot cluster-randomized controlled trial

Construct Parameter
  Eligibility proportion
 Recruitment Trial acceptance rate: >20 % agree to participate within 4 weeks
Target population = 40 (assuming an 80 % retention rate)
 Adherence to protocol >90 % of participants will complete all 3 webinars, associated quizzes, 2 clinical vignettes, and a self-management learning module
 Retention 80 % of participants will complete 3 months of patient follow-up
 Recruitment Trial acceptance rate: 5 patients within 6 weeks of recruitment notice
Target population = 150
 Adherence to protocol 95 % will attend regular treatment sessions twice/week
>80 % will comply with prescribed home exercise and physical activity
 Retention >80 % will complete patient encounter forms (VAS, NDI, and PSQ-18) and follow-up at 3 months