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Table 2 Family member/family support member (FSM) assessment schedule

From: Culturally-adapted Family Intervention (CaFI) for African-Caribbeans diagnosed with schizophrenia and their families: a feasibility study protocol of implementation and acceptability

Assessment tool Brief description Time point
Duration (min) Baseline Post-CaFI 3-month follow-up
Socio-demographic Socio-demographic 5 x   
GHQ—short form Stress/burden 5 x x x
KAPI—relativesa Knowledge about psychosis 15–30 x x x
Brief-IPQa Illness beliefs 5 x   
EQ-5D Economic evaluation 5 x x x
Qualitative interview Acceptability and feasibility 30–45    x
Total time burden    35–50 25–40 55–70
WAI—short form
Session 3
Therapeutic alliance 5 min complete during session 3
Session feedback forms Acceptability 5 min end of each session
  1. aBiological family members and nominated FSMs only (not recruited FSMs)