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Table 1 Summary of the inclusion and exclusion criteria for patients presenting with signs of urinary tract infection

From: Exploring the feasibility and synergistic value of the One Health approach in clinical research: protocol for a prospective observational study of diagnostic pathways in human and canine patients with suspected urinary tract infection

  General practice Veterinary practice
Inclusion criteria ≥18 years of age Dogs of all ages
Acute dysuria and/or frequency Acute dysuria, frequency, hematuria, strangury, and/or malodorous urine
Patient consulting during office hours
A suspected UTI A suspected UTI
Patient signs written informed consent Owner signs written informed consent
Exclusion criteria Currently taking antibiotics Antibiotic treatment in the last 3 weeks
Inability to fill in the symptom diary Systemic illness
Inability to provide a urine sample Known chronic disease(s)
Inability to sign an inform consent Chronic, recurrent or relapsing UTI (three times or more in a year)
Previous participation in this study Inability to collect a urine sample
Previous participation in this study
  1. UTI urinary tract infection