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Table 2 Guiding principles for My Breathing Matters—an intervention to improve functional quality of life of primary care patients with asthma, by helping them to control their condition using pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods

From: The person-based approach to enhancing the acceptability and feasibility of interventions

Design objectives that address each key issue Key intervention features relevant to each design objective
i) To engage people who do not view themselves as having active asthma • Maintain positive illness context throughout (i.e. promote health rather than manage illness)
• Simple, unobtrusive interface to provide optional (and flexible) support only when needed
ii) To persuade and educate users to implement appropriate pharmacological management • Persuade and educate users regarding the necessity, efficacy and safety of preventative asthma medication
• Facilitate easy completion of an action plan with primary care support
iii) To encourage users to employ non-pharmacological methods of improving QoL • Educate users on benefits and offer psychological methods to improve quality of life (e.g. cognitive behavioural techniques for symptom management)
• Provide tailored access and address patient concerns about relevant positive lifestyle changes, such as weight loss if overweight, smoking cessation if current smoker, physical activity if inactive