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Table 1 Overview of outcome measures

From: Online intervention, ‘MePlusMe’, supporting mood, wellbeing, study skills, and everyday functioning in students in higher education: a protocol for a feasibility study

   Time of measurement
Instrument Aim T0 baseline (pre-testing) T1 post-test (2 weeks) T2 follow-up (4 weeks) Τ3 follow-up (8 weeks)
PHQ-9 Symptoms of depression x x x x
GAD-7 Symptoms of anxiety x x x x
Edinburgh-Warwick Mental Wellbeing scale Positive mental health (mental wellbeing) x x x x
Academic self-efficacy Academic self-efficacy x x x x
VAS Everyday functioning x x x x
Feedback form Engagement and satisfaction of the end-users    x  
Interview (15–20 participants) Qualitative assessment of the experience of using the system     x
Intervention delivery Patterns of use of the system (e.g. duration of use, total number of visits) x x x x