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Table 4 Schedule and outline of the group-based Mi-LiFE intervention

From: Measuring the implementation of a group-based Lifestyle-integrated Functional Exercise (Mi-LiFE) intervention delivered in primary care for older adults aged 75 years or older: a pilot feasibility study protocol

Study session Time-point Delivery Content
1 Week 1 Individual • Physical therapist reviews daily routine chart with participant
    • Life assessment tool is completed to evaluate capacity to participate in intervention
• Introduction to LiFE program; participants are provided with LiFE Participant’s Manual
• Physical therapist teaches LiFE program—balance and strength training principles to participants
• Physical therapist teaches one to two balance and one to two strength activities to be integrated into specific daily life activities
• Participants learn to use activity planner
2 Week 2 Group • Physical therapist teaches LiFE program and new balance and strength activities with an emphasis on progressing to more difficult variations of activities
    • Physical therapist teaches participants to integrate the activities into their daily tasks and encourage autonomy in selecting opportunities to embed activities
• Participants complete activity planner and daily diary
3 Week 3 Group See Session 2
4 Week 4 Group See Session 2
5 Week 5 Group See Session 2
Phone call 1 Week 6 Individual • Physical therapist calls participants to provide support and encouragement
    • Physical therapist addresses challenges or barriers if present; reinforces successes
Phone call 2 Week 10 Individual See Phone call 1