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Table 3 Schedule of enrollment, assessments, and intervention

From: Measuring the implementation of a group-based Lifestyle-integrated Functional Exercise (Mi-LiFE) intervention delivered in primary care for older adults aged 75 years or older: a pilot feasibility study protocol

Activity Staff member Screening/consent Study visit 1 Intervention Study visit 2
Time-point    Baseline 10 weeks 6 months
 Geriatric screening program/in-clinic referral Physician or delegate X    
 Eligibility screening Physician X    
 Information letter and informed consent RA X    
 Medical health questionnaire RA   X   X
 Accelerometer RA   X   X
 IPAQ RA   X   X
 SPPB RA   X   X
 EuroQOL EQ5D-3L RA   X   X
 TFEQ-R21 RA   X Xa X
 Fidelity evaluation Delegate    X  
 Post-program/exit interview RA    Xb X
 Daily diary RA    X  
  1. RA research assistant, IPAQ International Physical Activity Questionnaire, SPPB short physical performance battery, TFEQ-R21 Three Factor Eating Questionnaire-Revised 21 items
  2. aAdminister before exercise session 1
  3. bAdminister following exercise session 5