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Table 1 FEMuR protocol schedule of forms and procedures

From: Fracture in the Elderly Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation (FEMuR): study protocol for a phase II randomised feasibility study of a multidisciplinary rehabilitation package following hip fracture [ISRCTN22464643]

Event Baseline Timeline post randomisation
   During 3 months At 3 months Post 3-month follow-up
Eligibility screening and consent for randomised feasibility study
 Patient X    
 Carer X    
Outcome measurement for feasibility study
 Cognitive status     
•AMTS [25] X    
•Barthel index [27] X   X  
•NEADL Scale [28] X   X  
•HADS [29] X   X  
•VAS for hip pain [30] X   X  
•GSES [32] X   X  
•FES-I [33,34]    X  
•SES [35]    X  
•VAS-FoF [36]    X  
 Health economic     
•EQ-5D 3L [37] X   X  
•ICECAP-O [38,39] X   X  
•CSRI [40] X   X  
•DCE [43]    X  
•Grip strength [45] X   X  
•30-s sit-to-stand [46,47]    X  
•8-ft (2.5 m) get-up-and-go [47]    X  
•50-ft (15.4 m) walk [48]    X  
 Carer strain index X   X  
Therapist process outcomes and use of the intervention workbook
•Date of extra session   X   
•Whether the session is face to face or indirect   X   
•Where the face to face session is held   X   
•If the session is face to face, time is spent on assessment, exercise, ADL practice, working on the workbook etc.   X   
Qualitative follow up patients and carers focus groups/individual interviews - (invited)
 Patients    X X
 Carers    X X
Recruitment and consent of staff to focus groups   X X X