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  1. Research

    Smoking treatment optimisation in pharmacies (STOP): a cluster randomised pilot trial of a training intervention

    UK government policy aims to strengthen the role of community pharmacies in health promotion. Thus, we conducted feasibility studies for an intervention to enhance delivery of the NHS Smoking Cessation Service.

    V. W. Madurasinghe, Ratna Sohanpal, Wai James, Liz Steed, Sandra Eldridge, SJC Taylor, C. Griffiths and Robert Walton

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2017 3:1

    Published on: 10 January 2017

  2. Study Protocol

    Lifestyle intervention in BRCA1/2 mutation carriers: study protocol for a prospective, randomized, controlled clinical feasibility trial (LIBRE-1 study)

    Women with highly penetrant BRCA mutations have a 55–60% lifetime risk for breast cancer and a 16–59% lifetime risk for ovarian cancer. However, penetrance differs interindividually, indicating that environmen...

    Marion Kiechle, Christoph Engel, Anika Berling, Katrin Hebestreit, Stephan Bischoff, Ricarda Dukatz, Wolf-Dieter Gerber, Michael Siniatchkin, Katharina Pfeifer, Sabine Grill, Maryam Yahiaoui-Doktor, Ellen Kirsch, Uwe Niederberger, Nicole Marter, Ute Enders, Markus Löffler…

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2016 2:74

    Published on: 19 December 2016

  3. Research

    Evaluating acupuncture and standard care for pregnant women with back pain: the EASE Back pilot randomised controlled trial (ISRCTN49955124)

    Low back pain (LBP) and pelvic girdle pain (PGP) during pregnancy are common and often accepted as a ‘normal’ part of pregnancy. Many women receive little in the way of treatment, and yet pain interferes with ...

    Annette Bishop, Reuben Ogollah, Bernadette Bartlam, Panos Barlas, Melanie A. Holden, Khaled M. Ismail, Sue Jowett, Martyn Lewis, Alison Lloyd, Christine Kettle, Jesse Kigozi and Nadine E. Foster

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2016 2:72

    Published on: 12 December 2016

  4. Study Protocol

    Investigating the differential impact of school and community-based integrated control programmes for soil-transmitted helminths in Timor-Leste: the (S)WASH-D for Worms pilot study protocol

    Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) interventions represent an important component of soil-transmitted helminth (STH) infection control, alongside the administration of anthelmintic drugs, which are generally...

    Naomi E. Clarke, Archie C. A. Clements, Stuart Bryan, John McGown, Darren Gray and Susana V. Nery

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2016 2:69

    Published on: 8 December 2016

  5. Update

    Update to a protocol for a feasibility cluster randomised controlled trial of a peer-led school-based intervention to increase the physical activity of adolescent girls (PLAN-A)

    Physical activity levels are low amongst adolescent girls, and this population faces specific barriers to being active. Peer influences on health behaviours are important in adolescence, and peer-led intervent...

    Simon J. Sebire, Mark J. Edwards, Rona Campbell, Russell Jago, Ruth Kipping, Kathryn Banfield, Bryar Kadir, Kirsty Garfield, Ronan A. Lyons, Peter S. Blair and William Hollingworth

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2016 2:68

    Published on: 1 December 2016

  6. Study Protocol

    Evaluation of the effectiveness of music therapy in improving the quality of life of palliative care patients: a randomised controlled pilot and feasibility study

    Music therapy is frequently used as a palliative therapy. In consonance with the goals of palliative care, the primary aim of music therapy is to improve people’s quality of life by addressing their psychologi...

    Tracey McConnell, Lisa Graham-Wisener, Joan Regan, Miriam McKeown, Jenny Kirkwood, Naomi Hughes, Mike Clarke, Janet Leitch, Kerry McGrillen and Sam Porter

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2016 2:70

    Published on: 29 November 2016

  7. Study Protocol

    Trial of Optimal Personalised Care After Treatment for Gynaecological cancer (TOPCAT-G): a study protocol for a randomised feasibility trial

    Gynaecological cancers are diagnosed in over 1000 women in Wales every year. We estimate that this is costing the National Health Service (NHS) in excess of £1 million per annum for routine follow-up appointme...

    Kirstie Pye, Nicola Totton, Nicholas Stuart, Rhiannon Whitaker, Val Morrison, Rhiannon Tudor Edwards, Seow Tien Yeo, Laura J. Timmis, Caryl Butterworth, Liz Hall, Tekendra Rai, Zoe Hoare, Richard D. Neal, Clare Wilkinson and Simon Leeson

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2016 2:67

    Published on: 23 November 2016

  8. Study Protocol

    Development and feasibility testing of an intervention to support active lifestyles in youths with type 1 diabetes—the ActivPals programme: a study protocol

    The global incidence of type 1 diabetes is rising, and youths with type 1 diabetes continue to suffer poorer health than peers without diabetes. Evidence suggests youths with type 1 diabetes have physical acti...

    Fiona Mitchell, Alison Kirk, Kenneth Robertson and John J. Reilly

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2016 2:66

    Published on: 8 November 2016

  9. Research

    CONSORT 2010 statement: extension to randomised pilot and feasibility trials

    The Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials (CONSORT) statement is a guideline designed to improve the transparency and quality of the reporting of randomised controlled trials (RCTs). In this article we pr...

    Sandra M. Eldridge, Claire L. Chan, Michael J. Campbell, Christine M. Bond, Sally Hopewell, Lehana Thabane and Gillian A. Lancaster

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2016 2:64

    Published on: 21 October 2016

  10. Study Protocol

    Lifestyle change in the cancer setting using ‘the teachable moment’: protocol for a proof-of-concept pilot in a urology service

    Previous research has shown diagnosis or screening for cancer may be a ‘teachable moment’ for prevention through lifestyle change. Previous trials have been successful but have been delivered via national prog...

    Alyssa Sara Lee, Gozde Ozakinci, Steve Leung, Gerry Humphris, Hannah Dale and Neil Hamlet

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2016 2:65

    Published on: 21 October 2016

  11. Study Protocol

    Revie ⊕: the influence of a life review intervention including a positive, patient-centered approach towards enhancing the personal dignity of patients with advanced cancer—a study protocol for a feasibility study using a mixed method investigation

    It is generally recognized that existential concerns must be addressed to promote the dignity of patients with advanced cancer. A number of interventions have been developed in this regard, such as dignity the...

    Maria Goreti Da Rocha Rodrigues, Sophie Pautex and Maya Shaha

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2016 2:63

    Published on: 19 October 2016

  12. Study Protocol

    Survivors of intensive care with type 2 diabetes and the effect of shared care follow-up clinics: study protocol for the SWEET-AS randomised controlled feasibility study

    Many patients who survive the intensive care unit (ICU) experience long-term complications such as peripheral neuropathy and nephropathy which represent a major source of morbidity and affect quality of life a...

    Yasmine Ali Abdelhamid, Liza Phillips, Michael Horowitz and Adam Deane

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2016 2:62

    Published on: 13 October 2016

  13. Study Protocol

    Implementing resilience engineering for healthcare quality improvement using the CARE model: a feasibility study protocol

    Resilience engineering (RE) is an emerging perspective on safety in complex adaptive systems that emphasises how outcomes emerge from the complexity of the clinical environment. Complexity creates the need for...

    J. E. Anderson, A. J. Ross, J. Back, M. Duncan, P. Snell, K. Walsh and P. Jaye

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2016 2:61

    Published on: 12 October 2016

  14. Research

    Measuring prefrontal cortical activity during dual task walking in patients with Parkinson’s disease: feasibility of using a new portable fNIRS device

    Many patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD) have difficulties in performing a second task during walking (i.e., dual task walking). Functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) is a promising approach to stud...

    Freek Nieuwhof, Miriam F. Reelick, Inbal Maidan, Anat Mirelman, Jeffrey M. Hausdorff, Marcel G.M. Olde Rikkert, Bastiaan R. Bloem, Makii Muthalib and Jurgen A.H.R. Claassen

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2016 2:59

    Published on: 23 September 2016

  15. Study Protocol

    Using mobile health technology to improve behavioral skill implementation through homework in evidence-based parenting intervention for disruptive behavior disorders in youth: study protocol for intervention development and evaluation

    Disruptive behavior disorders (DBDs) (oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) and conduct disorder (CD)) are prevalent, costly, and oftentimes chronic psychiatric disorders of childhood. Evidence-based interventio...

    Anil Chacko, Andrew Isham, Andrew F. Cleek and Mary M. McKay

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2016 2:57

    Published on: 20 September 2016

  16. Study Protocol

    Can a mindfulness-informed intervention reduce aggressive behaviour in people with intellectual disabilities? Protocol for a feasibility study

    Approximately 10–20 % of adults with intellectual disabilities engage in challenging behaviours such as aggression, destructiveness, and self-injury, which are often accompanied by feelings of anger. The inabi...

    Gemma Maria Griffith, Robert Jones, Richard Patrick Hastings, Rebecca S. Crane, Judith Roberts, Jonathan Williams, Lucy Bryning, Zoe Hoare and Rhiannon Tudor Edwards

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2016 2:58

    Published on: 20 September 2016

  17. Study Protocol

    The safety climate in primary care (SAP-C) study: study protocol for a randomised controlled feasibility study

    Research on patient safety has focused largely on secondary care settings, and there is a dearth of knowledge relating to safety culture or climate, and safety climate improvement strategies, in the context of...

    Sinéad Lydon, Margaret E. Cupples, Nigel Hart, Andrew W. Murphy, Aileen Faherty and Paul O’Connor

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2016 2:56

    Published on: 16 September 2016

  18. Study Protocol

    Using Specialist Screening Practitioners (SSPs) to increase uptake of the Bowel Scope (Flexible Sigmoidoscopy) Screening Programme: a study protocol for a feasibility single-stage phase II trial

    The NHS Bowel Scope Screening (BSS) programme offers men and women aged 55 years a once-only flexible sigmoidoscopy (FS), a test that can help reduce colorectal cancer (CRC) incidence and mortality. However, t...

    Lesley M. McGregor, Hanna Skrobanski, Hayley Miller, Mary Ritchie, Lindy Berkman, Stephen Morris, Colin Rees and Christian von Wagner

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2016 2:54

    Published on: 14 September 2016

  19. Erratum

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2016 2:55

    Published on: 12 September 2016

    The original article was published in Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2016 2:5

  20. Research

    Protecting children from secondhand smoke: a mixed-methods feasibility study of a novel smoke-free home intervention

    Globally, 40 % of children under 14 years are regularly exposed to secondhand smoke (SHS), typically in their homes. There is limited evidence of the effectiveness of interventions to reduce children’s SHS exp...

    John Marsh, Ann McNeill, Sarah Lewis, Tim Coleman, Manpreet Bains, Alexandra Larwood, Jacqueline Purdy and Laura L Jones

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2016 2:53

    Published on: 12 September 2016

  21. Study Protocol

    Feasibility and acceptance of exercise recommendations (10,000 steps a day) within routine German health check (Check-Up 35/GOÄ29)—study protocol

    Benefits of exercise to prevent non-communicable diseases are well-documented. Limited data exists to promote physical activity in healthy but sedentary and/or overweight people. Brief interventions within rou...

    Christine Graf, Stefanie Schlepper, Carina Bauer, Nina Ferrari, Stefan Frank, Lena Gartner, Svenja Gehring, Rudolf Henke, Walter Lehmacher, Hans-Michael Steffen, Sabine Schindler-Marlow and Katharina Sternal

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2016 2:52

    Published on: 7 September 2016

  22. Research

    The feasibility and acceptability of trial procedures for a pragmatic randomised controlled trial of a structured physical activity intervention for people diagnosed with colorectal cancer: findings from a pilot trial of cardiac rehabilitation versus usual care (no rehabilitation) with an embedded qualitative study

    Pilot and feasibility work is conducted to evaluate the operational feasibility and acceptability of the intervention itself and the feasibility and acceptability of a trials’ protocol design. The Cardiac Reha...

    Gill Hubbard, Ronan O’Carroll, Julie Munro, Nanette Mutrie, Sally Haw, Helen Mason and Shaun Treweek

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2016 2:51

    Published on: 24 August 2016

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